Don't Make Announcements On April 1st

Can you spot the real announcement in my inbox or feed reader this morning?

  • Verizon rebrands embracing the ‘cloud’ with its “So Very…” campaign
  • Internet Explorer 8.1 Features leaked including Acid3 and Firefox Plugin Support
  • Nokia closes MOSH to offer exciting new Ovi mobile application store
  • Adobe releases Lightroom 2.4 with support for digital video from cameras like the Nikon D90

How Many Domains Does It Take… answer the most important question of the day?

breathes sigh of relief

The Best Interview Ever!

No, I’m not talking about the Dateline interview with Britney Spears.

And its not the Jay Leno show where he booked Ann Coulter and George Carlin back to back.


Its my new (again) hero Stephen Colbert interviewing the Congressman from the Georgia 8th District Lynn Westmoreland. He’s the man that co-sposored a bill to display the 10 Commandments in Congress, and when put on the spot by Stephen he can’t name more then 3 of them! As usual crooks and liars has the video. Its a must watch.

So take 5 minutes out of your day, regardless of your political leaning, and have a laugh (or maybe a good cry).

New Jersey: Place Slogan Here?

Sometimes it takes so little to make me laugh.

$260,000 sunk into a state slogan —tossed.

Elaborate contest where you too can write the new state motto takes place and a new motto found.

But wait just a second!

N.J. Scraps New Slogan; It’s Been Used

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey officials had said the new state slogan — “Come See for Yourself” — would highlight the Garden State’s true beauty.

But it turns out that at least one other state already had the same idea.

State tourism officials say they have canned the slogan because some states, including West Virginia, have used it in the past.


UPDATE Fark is on the case

37Signals And Nothing On – The T-Shirt

A conversation I just had with one of my Intorweb friends who lives in Canadia…

9:51:55 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): vote yes for eargang’s 37signals shirt!
9:54:25 PM Michael Farley (AIM) :/ I don’t get it
9:57:08 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): the shirt?
9:57:23 PM Michael Farley (AIM): yeah
9:57:25 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): a little fun at 37signals expense
9:57:54 PM Michael Farley (AIM): I figured that
9:58:01 PM Michael Farley (AIM): I just don’t get it
9:58:07 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): take on springsteen’s 57 channels and nothing on
9:58:14 PM Michael Farley (AIM): oh
9:58:17 PM Chris Casciano (AIM):
9:58:27 PM Michael Farley (AIM): I guess I’d need to know that song
9:58:42 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): prolly
9:58:47 PM Chris Casciano (AIM): you unamerican
9:58:57 PM Michael Farley (AIM): haha

Freedom Fries: the Sequel

Reuters via MSNBC: Iran renames Danish pastries after prophet
“Roses of the Prophet Muhammad” is latest salvo in caricature protest

Updated: 2:52 p.m. ET Feb. 14, 2006

TEHRAN, Iran – Not content with pelting European embassies with Molotov cocktails to protest against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Iranians have decided to rename the “Danish pastries” relished by this nation of cake lovers.

From now on, the sweet, flaky pastries which dominate the shelves in Iran's cake shops will be known as “Roses of the Prophet Muhammad,” the official IRNA news agency reported as pressure on Denmark over the cartoons took on a new dimension.

“No one is allowed to make fun of our beloved and respected prophet,” Hassan Nasserzadeh, a cake shop owner in central Tehran, told Reuters.

The pastries are baked every day and are not imported or subject to any boycott of Danish goods imposed over the cartoons.

The Iranian move had echoes of the verbal food fight set off by restaurants in the U.S. House of Representatives, which renamed “French fries” and “French toast” served at the Capitol as “Freedom fries” and “Freedom toast” after France refused to back the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

George Bush Rapes America Porn

There has been a ton of chatter this week over the DOJ’s request for search engine records, what they asked for, and who gave them what.

Ooops! Regret The Error's Crunks '05

Its the end of the year which means lots of best of the web, or site of the year type lists popping up, but this is one not to miss…

Regret the Error, a blog that covers the every day corrections or other follies in media, has posted its annual year end review and awards post: Crunks ‘05

You’ll laugh as you recall errors like Typo of the Year award winner Beef Panties or the Best Use of Photoshop winner the demonic Condi Rice. And those aren’t nearly the strangest

I Need To Get On This MySpace Thing

It seems I’m always the last one in on these trendy things. Family members are on it. Bands are on it. Even Slashdot has covered the explosion in its use (and you know you’re losing touch when Slashdot gets there first).

But the last straw came today when I learned that even crazy Whitehouse fence jumpers are on MySpace.

[AP on the incident]

Edible iPods

Smaller then a pack of gum and much more fun.

Do not eat iPod Shuffle.

Two lines directly from Apple that inspired Mike Davidson to run a online contest for best edible iPod shuffle look alike.

A winner was announced a few days ago but I missed it, but thanks to a mention in the New York Times? flying around I see that a friend Davin has won the competition with his goat butter shuffle! Grats man!

There should be an award for tastiest too, which must go to the Rice Krispie treat shuffle.

Because Diablo Means Devil

Hot off the AP wires via Sploid comes this tidbit of political [religiously?] correct Newspeak out in California. Religious Man Wants to Rename Mt. Diablo:

“Words have power, and when you start mentioning words that come from the dark side, evil thrives,” Mijares told the Contra Costa Times. “When I take boys camping on the mountain, I don’t even like to say its name. I have to explain what the name means. Why should we have a main feature of our community that celebrates the devil?”

What other words should we scratch from the English language?