Don't Make Announcements On April 1st

Can you spot the real announcement in my inbox or feed reader this morning?

  • Verizon rebrands embracing the ‘cloud’ with its “So Very…” campaign
  • Internet Explorer 8.1 Features leaked including Acid3 and Firefox Plugin Support
  • Nokia closes MOSH to offer exciting new Ovi mobile application store
  • Adobe releases Lightroom 2.4 with support for digital video from cameras like the Nikon D90

I’ll give you a minute to decide which is the least outrageous and most likely announcement of the day.

Think you’ve got it?

OK, time to spill the beans…

Verizon Rebranding – So Very… FAKE

So Very Verizon

Fake Verizon Logo

Going around the internets is this rebranding effort by Verizon. In the age of Facebook and every company wanting to look hip and social its not improbably that this could at least have come from someone pitch meeting and magically make it through to a real campaign.

IE 8 Announcement – FAKE

Breaking: Internet Explorer 8.1 Eagle Eyes Leaked

Fake IE8.1 Screenshot

Even with the successful recent release of Internet Explorer 8, in some underground circles there is already talk going around about the next version of Internet Explorer: IE 8.1, codenamed Eagle Eyes. Loaded with exclusive features such as a new JavaScript engine, support of WebSlices and full web standards support (CSS 3), IE 8.1 is speculated to debut in this summer.

It actually showed up in my feed reader yesterday, and as a result had me hooked until the the features started being described. Boo on you for being so damn early Smashing Magazine!

Nokia shutters MOSH for new, cooler store – TRUE

Ovi Store Coming Soon

MOSH Announcement

I knew this day was coming, but the official announcement to users of MOSH wound up in my inbox today and made me wonder who thought it was a bright idea to send a legitimate notice about a web site out on April 1st. The email reads in part:

You can also get content tailored to your needs based on location and social preferences. You will be able to activate social discovery with Ovi Store, which will automatically allow content from your social networks to be prioritized and made available for download and repeat consumption. Content will also be prioritized based on your location, so you’ll always have the most relevant experience wherever you are.

Now that’s not really promising any less then the three fake and intentionally over the top announcements linked. If this is the first you’re hearing of the Ovi Store or MOSH closing would you believe the email or write it off as another April Fools joke?

Lightroom 2.4 – FAKE

Lightroom 2.4 with video support

This is the one I wanted to be true, and like the others aren’t out of the realm of possibility, but may still be months or a couple years off. Hey, you can already manage metadata, ratings and flags in Adobe Bridge, so why not in the Lightroom Library Module too?

The moral of the story is don’t make any real announcements on the internet on April 1st. People who think they’re funny or clever and occasionally are have ruined the day for truth tellers and liars alike and have every person reading news or email on high alert for people trying to pull something on them. If you have a press release or announcement to make about your great new service hold off until the 2nd.

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