There is something in the air and its causing a shift in the overload of internet based discussion about photographic technology into discussion of content and subject. Under the idea that you can “improve your craft without buying gear” humanitarian photographer and author David duChemin has self published a series of eBooks on content and composition now at Craft & Vision. The takeaway message from Chase Jarvis last week had more to do with what you’re doing with the camera in your hand then how to use it or which camera it should be. And last week the project The Daily Shoot was launched on twitter.

Street Scene: Times Square

@dailyshoot is a twitter account started by @duncan and @clarkware as a way to hand out a new photo assignment each day. The assignments are intended to act as a nudge to photographers of all skill levels to find and capture the given subject. Participation is encouraged, but it doesn’t feel as strict as Project 365 participation or my own Project52 experiment which died a quiet death after getting busy and feeling backlogged. Duncan Davidson wrote an intro and some background on the project on his blog.

I had a few moments to chat with Duncan at the Web2.0 Expo where he was photographing for the event’s organizer and it sounded like the response to the project in just the first few days was really great & there are some interesting things to come.

Check out a twitter search for dailyshoot or the new Daily Shoot web site to see what folks are posting and get some inspiration.

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