Wrap Up: Chase Jarvis In NYC

Even if your weekend is booked with other events, when you see a tweet like this you jump at the chance and figure it out later.

Chase Jarvis Meetup

Chase Jarvis

The Best Camera

I was quite happy to find out that I had made the cut and got and invite to meet, learn and hang with photographer Chase Jarvis and his crew last weekend. Chase is a commercial photographer, who has been making sure he spends time giving back to the community of photographers out there via blogging, videos, iphone apps and workshops. If you didn’t already know that you should run now and check out Chase’s blog and check out his book of iPhone photographs The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.

The Message

8:00AM Maplewood to New York City from Chris Casciano on Vimeo.

Through a few demos his main message was to shooting a lot and to play a lot. Doing so forces you to keep looking at and working with your subject to get more out of them then what you can see in 2, 20 or 200 frames where many amateur and pro photogs may stop.

Then, after you have all those hundreds or thousands of frames filling your cards and hard drives, he went on to talk a bit about how he goes through picking selects for a commercial shoot but also some fun things like compositing them or converting them to a wild video sequence.

Between sessions we were all given memory cards care of sponsor Sandisk [crazy thanks!] and told out to go and fill them up as you went about NYC, thinking about the techniques described, and present your work back at a slideshow at the end of the weekend. Not having the time to really dig into the shooting and post processing due to other commitments I did pull together a time lapse style sequence of my commute from NJ to NYC via train and subway and the streets of Manhattan. 2400+ frames taken in about an hour and a half compiled into the video sequence above.

Keep it going

You can look back on the discussion, links to photos, and see what the attendees are doing by following this twitter list of attendees @placenamehere/cjnyc-photogs. If you attended and I didn’t get your name in there just let me know! And thanks again to Chase, his crew, and Sandisk for pulling off a great event and giving your time while in town.

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