Blue Beanie Day 2009

Blue Beanie Day '09

Today, November 30, is the 3rd annual Blue Beanie Day — a celebration and visible show of support for Web Standards & semantic, accessible markup. Web designers, developers, and users around the world are sporting blue beanies on their avatars to show their support for doing things right. To learn more about #BBD09 check out:

The book [and the toque] that started it all

Blue beanie day was inspired by the now iconic cover photo on Jeffrey Zeldman’s masterpiece Designing with Web Standards.

Designing with Web Standards (3rd Edition) (Paperback)

DWWS is now out with a new 3rd edition in which Jeffrey — along with co-author Ethan Marcotte — has kept things current and relevant 6 years after it’s initial release.

Blasts from the past

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