Nikon's Latest Cameras, They're Auto-Magical!

In my inbox this morning was an ad by Nikon touting the latest consumer digital cameras from their Coolpix line. While I’m not in the market for a little camera [my Fujifilm F30 is still working like a champ] I thought I’d poke around their web site and see which cameras offered GPS, WiFi and what other wiz bang features were being touted. I was struck by the lengths and features packed into these little machines to try and help your grandmas around the world get the right photo of their grandkids, automatically!

Nikon Coolpix S630 digital camera

Coolpix S630 Features

  • Motion Detection automatically detects moving subjects and adjusts shutter speed and the ISO setting to compensate for camera shake and subject movement.
  • Nikon’s original Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically takes up to 10 shots while the shutter is pressed and then saves the sharpest image.
  • Scene Auto Selection automatically recognizes the scene in your picture and adjusts the camera settings. Just set the camera to the Scene Auto Selector and the camera changes the settings according to the scene you are photographing, automatically!
  • Enhanced Face-Priority AF is Nikon’s face-finding technology that automatically focuses on up to 12 faces.
  • Smile Mode automatically releases the shutter when your subject smiles. The camera will detect the subject’s smile and will automatically fire the shutter.
  • NEW Blink Proof enables the camera to take two pictures when the subject smiles and saves the shot in which the subject’s eyes are open.

With all that brain power and automagicalness packed into the camera I’m not sure why they even ask the human holding the camera to press the shutter button — you’d think the camera could just stay on all day scanning for a good picture.

Not to be overshadowed by the technical details, the camera is also available in 5 different colors so you can get one to match every occasion.1

1 I hear next year’s model will be able to take a picture of your clothing and automatically change its color to match!

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