Photographs From Future Of Web Design New York 2011

For the past few years I’ve snapped some photos here and there as an attendee at FOWD. This year I stepped it up and covered the event as the official photographer for FOWD NYC 2011. With 2 simultanious tracks, and sometimes harsh stage lighting (we were running between the set of Avenue Q and other shows), it was sometimes a challenge trying to get coverage of everyone and still sneak in enough time to listen to what folks were saying. In the end I had a great time at the conference, think I saw and learned a bunch, and it was a treat to hear every speaker in the lineup (if only for a few moments). I hope the results convey how great of a show Carsonified puts on.

Check out the full set of FOWD NYC 2011 photos on Flickr.

Event Highlights

Future of Web Design New York #FOWD

Host, Ryan Carson, addressing the audience

HTML5: Smart Mark Up For Smarter Websites, Aaron Gustafson #FOWD

Aaron Gustafson on HTML5

Future of Web Design New York #FOWD

Audience of Apple Users

The Future of Mobile UX, Steve Fisher #FOWD

Steve Fisher on the Future of Mobile UX. On the set of Avenue Q

Lunch #FOWD

The FOWD Lunch Rush

The Web Font Awards Ceremony #FOWD

Voting in The Web Font Awards Ceremony

Pith, Passion and Productivity: Pillars of a Successful Design Career, Cameron Moll #FOWD

'Words Convey Knowkedge', Cameron Moll. (be they written, spoken, or signed)

Death, Taxes and 'Viewport Chrome', Jason Pamental #FOWD

Jason Pamental on what is certain and what is uncertain in our industry

Design Principles: The Philosophy of UX, Whitney Hess #FOWD

Whitney Hess mentioning one of Apple's rare failure to embrace good Design Principles

The Future of Branding, Randy J. Hunt #FOWD

Etsy's Randy J. Hunt on the Future of Branding

Responsive Web Design and Embracing The Unknown, Aaron Weyenberg #FOWD

Aaron Weyenberg of TED on Responsive Design

Design Clinics #FOWD

Dave Shea working with an attendee during the 1-on-1 design clinics

The Unknown Voyage, Joshua Davis #FOWD

Keynote speaker Joshua Davis refueling on Red Bull in the middle of his energetic presentation on not knowing things

Future of Web Design New York #FOWD

Quick snap of working self portrait in the mirror, starring presenters Aaron, Cameron, and Jason

Other Web Industry Event Photos

If you’re in the New York City web design community keep an eye out for me at events — I’ve usually got a camera over my shoulder, in an official capacity or otherwise. Here’s a few sets from other events:

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