Report From Central Park With Moose

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an evening talk followed by a full day workshop by wildlife and landscape photographer Moose Peterson. The event was hosted by Adorama and Nikon.

Presentation Night – All About Food & Sex!

Thursday night at Adorama’s workshop space on Moose gave a nice presentation both on his photographic passions — shooting endangered wildlife and other little critters on the west coast — as well as some instruction on his compositional technique and working with light and your environment. Moose has been shooting for 30-some-odd years and shared with the group his top tip for getting close to animals in the wild — Food & Sex. If they’re occupied with either they’re more likely to not care about you and what you’re doing with your tripod and camera. Just don’t you be the food!

I found him to be an engaging presenter, but I assumed as much after catching bits of his online videos and a few minutes of him talking here or there at other events. His site has a nifty shooting tips section where you can read up on some of his thoughts on shooting that he shared with us during the talk. He’s also been posting a lot of great demo videos on his blog so stop by there, too.

Central Park Photowalk

Several attendees from the night before also met up the following day to walk around New York’s Central Park. The weather was great and so was the company. For the most part we all just walked, talked and shot — trying to apply some of the things learned the night before. There were also a few stops also the way for shooting demos or testing out Nikon gear.

Between the mingling, walking and eating it didn’t feel like we got a lot of shooting time in — we certainly didn’t cover a lot of the great park — but when I finally got back home and downloaded the images I was quite happy with the results. See for yourself:

Next time Moose is in town [If I overheard correctly it’ll be towards the end of summer] and if the full day event isn’t in your budget I highly suggest signing up for the presentation if he’s doing that again.

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