Best Of New Jersey 2008, In Photos

As 2008 comes to a close many sites are doing year end wrap ups see previous post and here are two sites highlighting how New Jersey saw the year.

Star-Ledger highlights best photography from 2008

A slideshow posted to the newpaper’s website entitled 2008 In Photos offers 50 or so of the top news images of 2008. Some really great work in there that holds up as great photojournalism regardless of the locale.

New Jersey 2008 on Flickr

On a less photojournalistic note, but none the less interesting, The Flcikr group Anybody Want OT Have A NJ Photo Outing? — which is dedicated to people from the internets meeting up in real life for photowalks and the like — has a thread asking us amateurs to Post your best NJ image from 2008. It is interesting to see the great images and read a little about why someone picked the image they did. As for my pick in the thread…

lost in a sea of green

I think this is one of my favorite shots from the year. It just came out of a short time spent one afternoon in may – breaking the winter blues with some nice color and some active birds. I think ir has some good depth, color and i like the way it prints.

This image is now available for sale at

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