Released: pnh_mf 1.0 – Microformat Plugin For Textpattern

I’m happy to announce the release of version 1.0 of my Textpattern Microformat plugin pnh_mf. This release adds support for the hReview microformat and works in a few small bug fixes. Downloads and change notes available from the pnh_mf page.

hReview is the most complex format included so far. Though straight forward, the format calls for defining the thing (event, company, product) you’re reviewing by including one of a few different other microformats. So like I’ve done previously with hCard + adr to add the tags needed for an hReview + hCard or hReview + hCalendar is a two step process.

As always, if you have questions about what type of information is expected in each microformat consult the plugin help docs via the TXP admin interface or and if you have questions about the plugin ask away in the comments here or on this thread on the textpattern forums.

Aside from bug fixes or small usability related tweaks, this will be the last release until I can find time to work on enhancing Textpattern’s built in tag builder and make some of the input forms more flexible—taking care of these nesting cases more cleanly as well as providing easier input for names, dates and other details.

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