Post Draft Day Roundup

That isn’t about the draft…

If you haven’t been up on some of pre-draft and during draft trades around the league here’s my quick take.

Demitra playing alongside Gaborik could turn out to be interesting.

The Toronto trade to get goalie Andrew Raycroft is an interesting one, but I think how some of their other roster issues flush out will be just as interesting if not more so.

I’m not all that surpised at the earlier deal moving Luongo although he seemed shocked by it. I had really expected him to wind up somewhere at the trade deadline but that obviously didn’t happen.

And then there’s Pronger.

It won’t be a boring off season for sure, though by the end of it I’m sure I’ll be sick of hearing the phrase “new NHL” by the end of it.

And if you want some more info on who actually got drafted yesterday check out Blueshirts Bulletin Liveblogging of the event (though he gets a bit crazy around 11:17pm).

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