PNHTagTest Now On GitHub

Taking a moment away from a truly busy summer of client work and other fun projects to bring you this little announcement:

There’s now a permanent home on GitHub for PNHTagtest, a little piece code that I’ve had floating around for ages as an aid for building and reviewing CSS on a project.

Sample of PNHTagTest contents

I’ve been starting every web site project with a document containing a mix of HTML tags and common markup patterns like nested lists, links found in headings, tables, blockquotes and pre/code blocks. The contents of the test file are meant to be copy & pasted into an html document, added as a page or blog post in the CMS de jour, injected via server side includes.

Meant to sit along side of your style guides, widget inventories or whatever tools you’re using to organize the site build, this document provides a place to go to review the styling, typographic conventions, and readability of a site in ways that standard dummy copy, such as a headline followed by 5 identical paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text, can’t. Those pesky forgettable tags like sup, dl, and abbr that may not show up in a site’s content until 3 months after launch are all well represented here so you won’t forget to style them!

PNHTagTest was previously posted on this blog way back in 2006.

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