Amazon Deal Of The Day: Adobe Lightroom 2

Adobe Lightroom 2

This is a bit more of a cheesy blatant affiliate linking then I like to do on my site, but given today’s deal I’ll have to make an exception. Today’s Amazon US Deal of the Day is for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. Until end of day Tuesday 1/27 you can buy the full version in a retail box for $189.00 — that’s 36% off the usual price for the non-upgrade version. They’ve also got the LR2 Upgrade version for $89, but that is their everyday price.

For my own digital photography workflow I tend to spend about 95% of my time in Lightroom and just the other 5% in Photoshop. Lightroom 2 brings with it some new ‘local adjustment’ brushes that let you do non-destructive edits to your RAW or JPG files for many common editing task like dodging & burning, spot healing, basic cloning, and a new gradient brush that can be used to mimmic a graduated neutral density (ND) filter.

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