Web Developers: What Are You Reading?

So its a bit of a slow work day with a few clients off for MLK day here in the states and I’ve found myself doing some pruning of the feeds I keep track of. While looking at the sites and who hasn’t update in months I’m realizing I’ve been reading a declining number of articles and tutorials on web development and web standards topics from people working on the front lines or the bleeding edge.

The big sites — Ajaxian, A List Apart, ReadWriteWeb, etc. — are prolific as they ever have been, but I’m missing the more personal insights that once filled my reader to the brim.

Not All Quiet

I do have to say its not all doom and gloom. Some of the old standbys that everyone knows pop up with a great post here and there and there are others who are still going strong. Among those I see regular interesting updates from I’d have to suggest Anne van Kesteren on the bleeding edge of the web standards world, Christopher Fahey who has picked it back up at graphpaper.com on the design & UX side, and coworkers Brian and Ben help keep me up on PHP.

Your Suggestions, Please

So what are your favorite blogs to read for keeping your skills sharp? Who is writing about experimenting with CSS, HTML, Canvas, etc? Where are you learning about the ins and outs of JavaScript techniques? Who is breaking down accessibility for the every day developer?

Even if its you and you’d like to do a bit of self promotion, please post a link in the comments.

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