PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2008

big f'n lens

This past week brought the PDN PhotoPlus Expo to New York City once again. The show is a photo gear geek’s dream — where you can handle the swankiest new gear from the likes of Nikon, Canon, Adobe and Epson. And if gear isn’t your thing there are lots of demos, presentations and signings from famous photographers like Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Vincent Versace, Jay Maisel and Scott Kelby.

While I’m not currently looking to buy any more photo gear I was checking out some bags [I’m such a bag whore], enjoyed playing with the new Lensbaby [much easier to use but still a pricey bit of kit] and wondered if the new, beefier gorillapod focus would be hefty enough to use with a ‘real’ camera.

Notably missing from the show: Apple, who in the past was showing off both hardware as well as their Aperture photo package [a stark contrast to Adobe which was riding on the LR2 and CS4 releases].

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