Web2.0 Sucked The Blogging Out Of Me

Molly recently lamented that twitter has sucked the blogging out of her. I’ve been feeling the same way for some time, though I was never as prolific a writer has she is. Though for me I think it was Web 2.0 that has sucked the blogging out of me, and unfortunately the slow down isn’t all that recent.

Bookmarks hidden in one service, interesting news stories in another, photos and other content in yet another. I tried to remedy that with the creation of a tumblelog-like Place Name Where but I never did get it integrated into this site beyond tag searches and so it never felt like part of any discussion that might take place here.

So where to next? The basic tumblelog format doesn’t appeal to me, nor does simply putting a bunch of widgets on page or daily “this is what I bookmarked today” posts along side of any blog content. That kind of leaves most existing solutions behind. I’m not quite sure what form this site will end up in when I’m done or what purpose it will serve. But I do want to start playing again and posting more doodles or pieces of what I’m playing with for others to see.

In the mean time I also have a backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to write or finish writing, some even describing subtle features of the current design [open the site in a browser, not a feed reader and resize the width!]. I may revisit those ideas as a way to get some activity here again and get myself back into the habit of posting on web dev stuff.

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