Aperture Vs. Lightroom Shootout Twofer

For digital photographers, particularly people shooting any sort of volume of RAW files you may find you need a better workflow for ‘development’ and organization of the photographs then simply storing the files on your file system and then opening a few at a time in Adobe Photoshop. Into that gap has come a few new applications including Apple’s Aperture. More recently, Adobe has finished work on its Lightroom application and moved it from a long public period to an official 1.0 release.

With that release two professional photographers and bloggers, Micah Walter and Michael Clark, have committed their time and expertise to putting both Aperture and Lightroom through the paces on a typical week or so of shooting and editing.

Both photographers have started posting their day to day thoughts after working with he applications, and the articles are both interesting and informative. Versions and Stacking, for example. Contrast that with posts like Aperture in Somalia, may be a little light on the details that feed your curiosity about the applications they are rich in story and images.

My own application of choice since the first time I used a beta has been Adobe Lightroom, but I have been planning on looking at both Aperture and Nikons own Capture NX before pulling the trigger on the 1.0 license.

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