That Browser Testing Malarkey

Andy Clarke has posted a quick write up of his approach to browser testing new site designs. Though a bit of a simplification, he follows a line that looks similar to:

  1. Gecko
  2. Safari
  3. IE 7
  4. Opera
  5. IE 6

And then trails in with testing the stragglers at various degrees based on spec, but always for at least access to content. I don’t have too much to add to that other then I agree. When I’m coding I will typically be working on my mac with Camino open (it always is), Firefox (for the DOM Inspector + JS console) and Safari. When the page is stable in those I will turn to IE/Win (flipping between 6 or 7, depending on which box I’ve got easiest access to) and then work out from that base. The only real difference in our approach is that more often then not I still give IE5/Mac style information.

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