Embrace the JPG Magazine

JPG Magazine, started by Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ a few years ago, went through some big changes a few issues ago and have turned themselves into a very creative take on using a ‘community’ to submit to and create content for their print magazine (yes, I said print).

They’ve taken the high road and have made their site about collecting and sharing quality photographs and have added themes for each issue that users can submit to, get ranked, and perhaps get included in a future issue.

I’ve been watching with interest, and enjoying the photographs others have posted but not made a submission of my own until now. So allow me to take the low road and ask you to vote on whether you’d like this photo to be part of the “Embrace the Blur” theme for issue 8.

This shot of mine was taken from this set.

[EDIT: Though I do have to say as I hack away at things to make my post not look busted, their javascript embedded vote link is a bit rough and hacky]

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