Finally Over? Can We Move On Now?

Word from ESPN is that an announcement will come as early as today that the NHL season is officially cancelled.

An NHL team owner who is requesting anonymity said that — barring a major, unforeseen turnaround — he expects the league to make an announcement canceling the rest of the 2004-05 season either after Thursday’s meeting or Friday, EJ Hradek of ESPN the Magazine has learned.

It was pretty clear looking at the last ownership proposal that they had no real care to negotiate anything with the players. To take the 24% salary rollback proposed by the players and simply wrap it into the owners initial proposals… well I’m still flabbergasted. The folks at hockeybird seem to agree.

What next? Who knows. More rentals from Netflix to occupy my TV watching time while the players all move overseas and the owners find some people willing to play for peanuts.

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