Friday Shorts

Checking in on this busy Friday afternoon with a news of a new Camino Plugin for managing user agent string, updates to this site’s monthly reports, and some interesting conference session audio.

Wevah, of and Paparazzi! fame this week released a simple addition for Camino to manage the user agent string the browser presents to web sites in the form of a User Agent prefpane. Nifty little tool for those cases you need it, and a fun icon too.

Around these parts I finally got around to updating the Place Name Here Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist to include information from June 2006.

And in podcast & conference news the SXSW site has recently posted a few listen-worthy sessions from their 2006 interactive event including the WaSP Annual Meeting, How to Maintain a Design Playground with Dustin & Jemma Hostetler and Curt Cloninger, Tantek Çlik & Chris Messina’s Microformat panel and others.

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