Last Bit On IE7 At MIX06

Here are my comment on IE7 for a while—I’m starting to feel dirty contributing to the free easy love that’s been flowing so freely.

But If you’re not already reading IEBlog start with the post Layout Complete Announced at MIX06 complete with screenshots from one of Markus Mielke’s sessions showing the new browser’s support for:

  • Fixed postitioning
  • PNG alpha transparencies
  • :hover support on all elements

All great news… well… except for maybe the fixed positioning support and some of the awful site designs it will lead to.


But seriously, it continues to be good news from the team. They’ve shown that they (at least the development side of the house) understands what it is that web developers are looking for in a browser and trying to work to get there. While I’m far from saying that they’ll get there with IE7.0 it well be a dramatic improvement over their current build, and from the looks of it they’ve heard our howls about being left in the dark on future development as well:

There are still bugs and missing features (display tables, generated content to name a few) we would have liked to do for IE7 but based on your requests to have some lead time to test your pages we need to lock it down now to be able to ship IE7. The good news is that we are in the progress of building up a public bug database where you can submit your issues, track their progress and see when we internally fix an issue — Al is going to post about this soon. Your participation will help us greatly to improve IE and also help us to prioritize what bugs to fix for the next releases.


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