MIX06 From Afar

Two bits of information I picked up today from people attending Microsoft’s MIX06 Conference.

First there’s news of a new IE7 Build Available from MIX06!. oddly called IE7 Beta 2 Preview just like the last public build. Not making the buzz about the product easy are they? The css-discuss wiki is already tracking bugs and implementation details but based on earlier coverage this build should be a good one.

Then there was the big endorsement of microformats during the keynote session with Tim O’Reilly and Bill Gates in which Bill says – “We need microformats”. Only time will tell how that one plays out.

Some audio of the events can already be found at Channel 9. Hopefully some recaps of the other panels (such as the one Eric, Molly, Andy, Chris and others were part of) will be leaking out soon.

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