King Henrik Vs. Jaromir Jagr

… and Marty Straka … and Martin Rucinsky … and Marek Malik.

As a Rangers fan there really is no winning outcome to todays Sweden vs. Czech Olympic hockey match up, is there? Either 3/4 of our scoring gets stopped, or the great rookie goalie Lundqvist gets pounded and takes a chunk out of his confidence.

But it very much is a must watch game and I hope to get to watch some between work.

Best possible outcome seems to be a 1-0 Czech win via shootout goal by Malik that Henrik can easily shrug off and lauch about the rest of the season (after going on to win bronze, of course).

From the game Preview @ TSN, Jagr on facing Henrik: ‘’I don’t know where I’m shooting, how is he supposed to know?”

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