If You're In Boston

Rather then profess my hate for Gary Bettman after reading the partial transcript of his press conference today where the players latest proposal was rejected I thought I’d post this more positive tidbit.

Up in Boston they’ve started to open up the FleetCenter for public open skates. So grab your skates sometime in the next few weeks and take some photos, and pretend you’re a star. The Boston Globe Story privides the details.

FleetCenter president Richard Krezwick said he and other officials dreamed up the idea of public skating about two weeks ago, when they considered canceling the arena’s traditional round of holiday skating parties since ice had not been prepared due to the National Hockey League players lockout. Instead, they decided to make ice and invite the public to offset some of the cost.

“With the open dates in our calendar, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give people access,” Krezwick said.

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