Two From Designboom

How does one make a chair out of cardboard that is strong and table enough to use?

designboom has a few interesting prototypes including diagrams and models.

Its not a new idea, or even a new idea to get passed around blogs. Earlier this year there was some chatter about an artist making FedEx Furniture and FedEx not being happy about it. (and unfortunately, the site seems to be down now). Bad lawyers, bad.

Also at designboom—a call for entries for a Shelter in a cart design competition.

design a cart that can provide shelter and storage.

urban homeless use carts to carry their possessions and to collect goods (like bottles, cardboard, etc.) that they then return to various recyclers in exchange for cash. this provides a small and valuable income. it is essential that your cart design not only accommodates all these functions but that it is affordable (for production and for private parties or charity organisations who wish to donate them).

I’m looking forward to the results, should be interesting.

[Via BoingBoing & Make]

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