The Web Standards Sherpas

Just realizing that with the busy Spring I’ve missed announcing a recently launched project that I’m honored to be serving on the editorial team for.

Web Standards Sherpa’s experts provide helpful, pragmatic and up-to-date advice on best practices for web professionals everywhere.

Back in March, Web Standards Sherpa, the brainchild of some of the crew at the Web Standards Project and support from Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, the W3C, and others, was born. The new site aims to provide guidance on the real world usage of web standards and surrounding best practices through reviews and feedback on existing web sites. Now, with the 10th article published yesterday, I think we’re well on our way down this path of building a great, relevant, and current resource to help web professionals on their journey. Already I am finding that I’m referencing many of the pieces in conversations with clients or colleagues.

The Path We’ve Started On

Sherpa Current Issue

Current Sherpa Issue: Overlays and Lightboxes: Keys to Success by Derek Featherstone

Here’s an introduction to the current staff of Sherpas guiding you and the types of wisdom they’ve been dropping along the way.

Join The Trek

Feed Shirley

Check out the great team behind Web Standards Sherpa and learn a bit more about the project by watching Aaron Gustafson’s talk from MIX11. And if you have a project that you’ve recently launched or that you’re looking to redesign soon and you’re wrestling with a topic such as accessibility, performance, semantics or content strategy drop the Sherpas a line via the submit a site form. Or just come by the site and join the discussion.

The CSS Pocket Guide – Free Sample Chapter

Peachpit has just posted a free sample chapter–Measurements, URLs, and Color Units–from my recent book The CSS Pocket Guide. This chapter explores length units, color schemes, and other measurement values used for defining values of CSS properties.

Read my earlier blog post on The CSS Pocket Guide for more info about the book at how to buy it! And if you already have, please let me know what you think in the comments here or via reviews on your favorite book retailer’s web site.

The CSS Pocket Guide

Alternate Title: What I did on my Summer Work-cation

This blog has been a bit quiet the last few months—a direct result of spending all of my non-work hours writing my first book. The CSS Pocket Guide, the results of all that effort, was just sent off to the printers earlier this week and hits the bookstores on October 25.

Buy The CSS Pocket Guide at

Getting Here

At the beginning of the Summer a client of mine, and author of The HTML Pocket Guide, Bruce Hyslop approached me on behalf of Peachpit Press who was looking for an author for the next book in their Web Design Series. It meant resigning any hope I had for a bit downtime this Summer after a busy Spring that included teaching for the first time, but after meeting and talking with the team and talking things over with some previous authors I jumped on board. Indeed, it took more than a few long nights and much help by a tech editing tag team of Michael Bester and Kimberly Blessing along with Kim and Cliff at Peachpit to pull together. But in the end I think it was worth the effort and I hope it plays a part in helping a person or two learn about building web pages with web standards and modern development practices.

Between The Covers

The goal of The CSS Pocket Guide is to provide a novice or experienced front end developer an introduction to the fundamentals of CSS and then guide them through the building layouts grids, styling type and other typical web content. It also is intended to double as a CSS reference book—organized loosely based on the contents of CSS3 modules making it easy to look up details for individual properties like margin, float, border-radius, or @font-face.

Pre-order The CSS Pocket Guide

You can pre-order The CSS Pocket Guide, available late October 2010 at your favorite book store:

The CSS Pocket Guide will also be released as part of a boxed set along with The HTML Pocket Guide by Bruce Hyslop and The JavaScript Pocket Guide by Lenny Burdette available late November 2010:

Buy The Web Design Pocket Guide Boxed Set at

… And now it’s time for things to start returning to what passes for normal and getting back into the groove of more regular posts about making web sites and making pictures.

InterACT With Web Standards Book Released

InterACT With Web Standards Book Released

In a recent post over on the Web Standards Project blog I introduced the newest and first book released by the WaSP – InterACT With Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design.

This is a great reference teaching the craft and profession of building web sites, and not just a book about markup or 3 column layouts with CSS. Read more about it in the blog post or go straight to the book’s companion site.