Site Info

Place Name Here has been my personal web space since the domain was registered in 1998. Through the years it has housed various incarnations of my professional portfolio, personal projects and whatever other random stuff the day calls for. The current design was launched on September 10, 2008, with some enhancements made while doing other maintenance work in October 2010 and June 2016. (Time for a larger change, no?)

Some information and features of the current design have been described in this 10 year anniversary post.

For blogging and general updates this site has evolved from Apache and PHP includes, to Textpattern, to WordPress, and now back to more static roots, with Jekyll generating site files.

Additional Fonts supplied by Typekit—view the Typekit Colophon for this site.

Other parts of the site are built at various times with different technologies including hand spun markup and the occasional shell or perl scripts to manage photo gallery generation and similar tasks.

Licensing – Some Rights Reserved

The non-photographic blog content portions of Place Name Here have been released under a Creative Commons License. All rights reserved on other projects, all photographs, code and content unless otherwise specified. Contact me for usage releases and rates.