Before there was Flickr there was Game Neverending. Oh wait, wrong topic… There was also Place Name Here. I’ve used this site over the years to house a few different photo projects and galleries. The photos on the site were taken over the past couple of years on a combination of a Fujifilm F30, Nikon Coolpix 995 digital and a sturdy Honeywell-Pentax Spotmatic 35mm.

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If you’re interested in my photos of familiar New Jersey parks and trails, classic cars, or other scenes from the north east you can now order selected prints from my photography store. Printing, framing and packaging provided by Mpix.

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Since 2005 I’ve been dumping photos to Flickr under the user name of placenamehere (shocking I know). Select works are posted to this site, but if you want to see more regular postings check me out there.

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Here’s a quick link to the postings on this site in the photo category.

Remember @ 2001-09-11

I was on my way to work in the village on the morning of /2001-09-11/ at the time of the attacks on the WTC. The photographs taken were from my vantage point across the river in Hoboken shortly after the attack began.

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