Future Of Web Design London Audio

The good folks at Carsonified have posted audio and slides of the FOWD London 2009 speakers including Molly E. Holzschlag giving an overview of the status of web standards, Simon Sankarayya on designing interfaces, both online and physical, and Robin Christopherson giving a JAWS demo and discussing design and accessibility in a Web 2.0 world.


From the sounds of the speakers I’ve listed to so far I can say that once again the FOWD lineup was something special and the team who put it together has found a solid and relevant lineup of speakers to help inform the modern web worker.

Downloads for this and other events:

[mixing of my worlds — the photo above was taken in the park this morning while listening to some of these web sessions]

Friday Shorts

Checking in on this busy Friday afternoon with a news of a new Camino Plugin for managing user agent string, updates to this site’s monthly reports, and some interesting conference session audio.

Wevah, of derailer.org and Paparazzi! fame this week released a simple addition for Camino to manage the user agent string the browser presents to web sites in the form of a User Agent prefpane. Nifty little tool for those cases you need it, and a fun icon too.

Around these parts I finally got around to updating the Place Name Here Zeitgeist and ChunkySoup.net Zeitgeist to include information from June 2006.

And in podcast & conference news the SXSW site has recently posted a few listen-worthy sessions from their 2006 interactive event including the WaSP Annual Meeting, How to Maintain a Design Playground with Dustin & Jemma Hostetler and Curt Cloninger, Tantek Çelik & Chris Messina’s Microformat panel and others.