Across The River: Republishing 9/11 Photos For The 10th Anniversary

View from train approaching Hoboken

I’ve been commuting to NYC on and off for quite a few years now. Which has put me in the position to see a lot of things, the most memorable of those trips was taken on the morning of September 11, 2001. I had been riding the train to Hoboken, NJ where I would normally then transfer to the PATH train and travel to the 9th street station, near my office. Instead, that morning as we approached Hoboken Terminal, we saw the plume of smoke already haunting the skyline. By the time we were stopped and off the train all public transportation had been shut down and I was left stranded with a ring side seat for what was to unfold that day.

Across The River

Across The River is my attempt to give a proper, modern, facelift to the gallery of photographs that I took that day which I first published a few days after the attacks, 10 years ago. I’ve not altered the photographs, but have reprocessed them at a more larger resolution, and with the addition of photographs of the NYC skyline before the attacks as well as images of memorials in the days and years since I hope to have been able to add just a little context to the collection.

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The previous 9/11 Gallery, as published in September 2001

FDNY 2001-2011: Published with a President

With many groups and individuals using this 10th anniversary of the attacks to pay special tribute it isn’t a surprise that there are others putting together similar collections of images that tell the story of the World Trade Center. I’m honored to have been asked to contribute a photograph to the newly published “FDNY 2001-2011: A Decade of Remembrance and Resilience”. The book is an amazing collection of images of the events and heros of the days following the attacks, put together by the FDNY Foundation, and has a forward written by President George W. Bush. You can purchase the book here.

FDNY: 2001-2011: A Decade of Remembrance and Resilience

I never did get to work that day. Look back on Sept. 11, 2001

I saw the first signs of something being wrong from my seat on a NJ Transit train into Hoboken. Though I did make it to that stop, by the time I did they had shut down all the train service and other public transportation both in to Manhattan and out of Hoboken.

Gallery of photos from the shores of the Hudson as I was stranded for the day.

On My Way To Work But Never Got There

Five year ago today, on September 11, 2001, I was on my way to the work but never got there. The commute at the time was a NJ Transit train to Hoboken and then the PATH train to 9th Street where I got out and then walked across Broadway to the office. I made it to Hoboken shortly after one of the planes hit the towers and by then all transportation there was shut down and I was let wandering Hoboken all day like so many others.

View of WTC from commuter train


after the first building fell

looking for something cheery in it all


When putting together this gallery and looking through the photos I had taken and digesting it all I wrote:

Look elsewhere for words. I have not yet found any that does what I saw justice.

I still don’t have the right words to describe the events, and 5 years later I fear the attempt would only be muddied by feelings about the events and changes that have taken place since.