Ask The Sherpas Q&A: Online Resources for Learning To Code

For personal reasons I’m a week late to promoting my own article, but my second answer in the Ask The Sherpas series is up:

Do you know any good or recommended sites to help designers catch up on today’s coding?

Q: Do you know any good or recommended sites to help designers catch up on today’s coding? There are a lot of sites I come across but many are short on either definition or providing the tutorial’s functional purpose. — Nathan Carrig

Read my answer on Facebook covering a variety of self guided and collaborative learning resources.

If you have a question about a web design, web development, content, UX, or accessibility topic that you’d like to be answered by an expert in the field please go to the Web Standards Sherpa contact form and ask away.

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InterACT With Web Standards Book Released

InterACT With Web Standards Book Released

In a recent post over on the Web Standards Project blog I introduced the newest and first book released by the WaSP – InterACT With Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design.

This is a great reference teaching the craft and profession of building web sites, and not just a book about markup or 3 column layouts with CSS. Read more about it in the blog post or go straight to the book’s companion site.

Branding The WaSP InterAct Web Site

A few weeks ago The Web Standards Project and WaSP Edu Task Force launched a new venture to help create a curriculum outline, guidelines and course samples for those teaching a variety of web related disciplines [it takes more then just good HTML coders to create a good web site]. While I may have had my hands in the code for the site, the real heavy lifting of designing the site and creating the foundation and content for the curriculum project was done by others.

WasSP InterAct printed materials

Designer Jessi Talyor posted a short recap of her great work branding the WaSP InterAct and designing the web site and print materials.

Form more information or to learn about how you can contribute to the WaSP InterAct Project check out Aaron Walter’s interview on this Boagworld Podcast, Christopher Schmidt, the official announcement, or follow waspinteract on twitter.

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above photo by Jessi Taylor