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NNW ExtractMicroformats is a theme and script combination for the NetNewsWire feed reader that lets you identify feed items containing hCard and hCalendar items and then save or subscribe to them in other applications (like iCal or Address Book).

NNW ExtractMicroformats Version History

Version 0.5

Changes: Cleaned up script a bit and got around a but with webcal:// subscription.

Version 0.2

Changes: Not so public first cut

Requires the full version of NetNewsWire (not Lite).

Feedback can be offered via email.

NetNewsWire ExtractMicroformats Documentation

This script comes in 2 parts, the first is a custom style sheet for viewing posts in NetNewsWire. It is based off the default style sheet but adds highlighting for hcard and hcalendar content. The second is an apple script that will pass the permalink url for individual entries to the proper Technorati service to extract or subscribe to the microformat based content.


Copy the contents of the StyleSheets folder into ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/StyleSheets and copy the contents of the Scripts folder to ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Scripts


To activate the style sheet from inside NetNewsWire go to Preferences > Browsing > News Items and choose "Extract Microformats" for the Style Sheet option.


When you've selected an item that contains a hcard or hcalendar entry go to the Scripts menu and select "Extract Microformats" and select the options for processing the data.

FIG 1: Select item with microformat content
Feed Item
FIG 2: From scripts menu choose Extract Microformats
Scripts Menu
FIG 3: Select from the options provided
Script Dialog

(depending on the content of the selected item all options may not appear)

FIG 4: Import any saved data into your favorite app
Files on Desktop


To be alerted about updates to the Extract Microformats Script watch this site. One way of doing that is to subscribe to the hAtom feed embedded in this page.

Last Updated 7/23/2006