Projects : Microformats

A quick repository of my Microformats resources.

NetNewsWire Script: ExtractMicroformats

A theme and script combination for detecting and extracting microformat data from feed items.

Textpattern Plugin: Textpattern Microformats Plugin [pnh_mf]

My first venture into plugin hacking for TXP, the pnh_mf plugin provides some memorable tag shortcuts for including properly formatted microformats in your pages and content.

Test Suite: hAtom feed detection tests

Informal suite of test pages for embedding of multiple hatom feeds in a simgle document.

NetNewsWire Script: Subscribe To hAtom

Subscribe To hAtom is a simple AppleScript for the NetNewsWire feed reader that allows for subscribing to hAtom pages.

hAtom Usage:

With version 3.0 of the site, I've implemented hAtom 0.1 on every page on

External: ma.gnoloia links

Rather then reproduce a bunch of links here check out for other microformat resources.

Last Updated 09/09/2006