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  1. 2002.02: Daily CSS Fun

    Each day in Throughout the month of February I will be posting a redesign of this page using only CSS. The underlying HTML code won't change a bit. Past style sheets can be viewed using the form controls found somewhere on this page. Explanations of each of the layouts will also be posted. (updated 2/26)

  2. 2002.01.06: i loves gmunk

    I recently came across this little gag I had started working on a few months back and polished it up for the world to see. For those living under a rock, this is gmunk, and these are the photos that the email is referring to.


  1. 2001.12.20: Merry Christmas To All!

    With some photos and some scaling its time to celebrate the holiday season!

  2. 2001.10.02: You've Been Bugged!

    I know if you've been bad or good. Oops someone else's line, but I do know how big your browser is! If you didn't view this page's source you wouldn't know this page was bugged. Here's a short explanation of why along with some results.

  3. 2001.07.21: NMUF Presentation Outline

    Outline of my part of the Neuralust group presentation at NMUF in NYC on 7/12.

  4. 2001.06.12: Click Three Points (5)

    A DOM based port of the latest Macromedia Flash craze to sweep the world. Thanks to ~deconcept and all the other designers showcased at blankimage.com for the inspiration.

  5. 2001.05.17: Selected Photos (5)

    A fully resizable interface designed to showcase a few of my photos. I'll let the quote in the background speak for itself.

  6. 2001.05.05: Foundation

    The beginnings of a more concentrated effort to work with the canvas that is a browser window. Its just a shame that IE5/PC doesn't support word spacing.

  7. 2001.04.09: Traffic Check

    A home page with nothing to do. More CSS based typography combined with an attempt to fill space creatively. Thanks to all the folks who wrote me telling me it didn't work, and extra special thanks to those writing me telling me it did work.

  8. 2001.04.04: Please Hold

    A semi-successful attempt at being creative with CSS based typography masquerading as an under construction page.

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