About These Images

These images of 9/11 were first published on September 12, 2001, and republished in a larger format on September 1, 2011 ahead of the 10th anniversary of the attack. Other published images were taken between 1998 and 2011 from various locations around New York and New Jersey.

The included photographs have been included in various collections over the years. Recently one of the images was published in FDNY: 2001-2011: A Decade of Remembrance and Resilience a book by, and which benefits, The FDNY Foundation, with a forward by President George W. Bush.

FDNY: 2001-2011: A Decade of Remembrance and Resilience

About the Photographer

Chris Casciano is a freelance web developer, author, and instructor who continues to regularly commute over the same tracks that led him to Hoboken that fateful morning.

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Lower Manhattan Sunset

Prints of select photographs from this project, as well as landscape and other images from the New Jersey area parks where these images were taken can be purchased from shop.placenamehere.com.